March 1, 2021

What Is a High Ropes Course?

Are you curious what all the hype around high ropes courses is? Well, if you’re new here, you may be wondering what a high ropes course is altogether. But don’t worry, we’ll fill you in on what a ropes course is, what you can expect when you visit one, and even where to find the best high ropes courses (hint: It’s right here at Climb Vegas in Las Vegas, NV).

A High Ropes Course Is…

So what is a high ropes course? Well, a high ropes course is a lot of things. First, it’s quite literally an obstacle course that features ropes, balance beams, stirrup bridges and so much more. A high ropes course like Climb Vegas will have these obstacles on 3 different stories of our attraction so as you climb your way through the elements of our course you will find yourself higher and higher off the ground. Don’t worry though, you’ll be safely harnessed in! But beyond that, a high ropes course is…

A Fun Indoor Climbing and Balancing Attraction

At Climb Vegas you’ll find 17 different obstacles and course elements that tower three levels high. Each of our course elements will challenge your balancing abilities and your nerve! You’ll get to make your way across rope bridges, balance beams, rolling logs, and even a few free-hanging elements where you’ll have to make your way across the course with nothing except your arms!

An Attraction In Las Vegas for the Whole Family

Despite what you think about a ropes course being scary or challenging, the truth is that Climb Vegas is a fun indoor attraction that the whole family can enjoy! As long as climbers are 48-inches and higher, you can bring the whole family together for a fun day of climbing, balancing, and burning off energy at a family-friendly Las Vegas attraction.

A Place to Test Your Fear of Heights

If you’re like me, you’re probably not a big fan of heights! That’s alright though because this is the perfect place to work on your fear of heights! Not only will you be safely harnessed in and guided by our staff of experienced attendants, but there are so many different elements that will get your knees shaking and your palms sweaty! It’s the best place to work pushing the boundaries of what you are comfortable with!

Climb Vegas High Ropes Course

Climb Vegas is located in the heart of Las Vegas! Located inside the Harmon Retail Corner next to the Planet Hollywood Casino, Climb Vegas is the tallest obstacle in the valley with over 17 different elements and obstacles for you to take on across 3 towering levels! Climb Vegas is a climbing attraction and adventure course that is fun and safe for the whole family. Learn more about Climb Vegas or visit us today for exclusive pricing and the best deals!

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