June 22, 2020

Tips for Ropes Course First-Timers

If you’re new to ropes courses, you’re probably shaking at the thought of facing your fear of heights by crossing the suspended balance beams and tight-ropes of Climb Vegas across 3 different levels of balance challenges! For many ropes course first-timers, the adrenaline rush that you feel while being suspended in the air can be an incredible motivator that allows you to build confidence and create a bond with teammates. It’s a family fun activity that should be experienced by everyone at least a few times! If you’re a new climber, don’t worry, we’ll show you the ropes. Here are a few tips for ropes course first-timers to ensure that you have a fun and safe experience at Climb Vegas.

It’s Not as Hard as You Think

The first thing that every ropes course first-timer should know is that ropes courses arenot as hard as they look! Ropes courses are designed with children in mind so they are very safe and very simple. Each climber is safely secured into a harness that prevents you from falling even if you lose your footing. Additionally, none of the elements on a ropes course are designed to be more difficult than you make them. As long as you have confidence in yourself and trust that you’ll be sure footed, you’ll conquer even the most daunting ropes course!

Wear the Right Clothing and Shoes!

It should be obvious, but a ropes course is a physical activity that requires you to dressthe part! We recommend wearing close-toed shoes (not sandals, heels, or anything that could easily slip off). Wear something comfortable that doesn’t restrict your movement and you should be good!

Be Sure That You Are Mentally Prepared

As we mentioned above, none of the elements that make our ropes course are out of this world difficult. In reality, children can do it and at Climb Vegas, many children do! We are a family establishment after all! That being said, children seem to be fearless sometimes and they will run, jump, and climb with little regard for their fear of heights in a way that adults seem to struggle more with. That’s what makes an elevated indoor ropes course such a great opportunity to conquer your fear of heights. Mentally prepare yourself to conquer the ropes course!

Don’t Be Afraid to Ask for Advice

When you’re going through the ropes course, there’s a good chance that you’ll encounter a rope challenge that you haven’t seen before. When this happens, it’s okay to ask for help! You will be near a course attendant, your friends, and other climbers who have done the course before. Ask them for advice on how they stepped or what the best way to approach the course element. Remember, you’re not doing the course on your own!

Have Fun!

Finally, remember that ropes courses are supposed to be fun! Approach this activity with a light-hearted approach and remember to enjoy yourself. Have fun and be safe climbing!

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