December 15, 2020

Tips for Overcoming Your Fear of Heights

As far as fears go, a fear of heights is a relatively common one. Visiting a Las Vegas indoor ropes course can be an incredible experience, but even the thought of heights can be enough to trigger your natural fear. Don’t worry though! If you experience this common fear of heights and want to take control, here are some tips to help you with overcoming your fear of heights!

Gradual Exposure To Heights - Slow and Steady!

Face your fears-- it's a cliché that is thrown into motivational phrases and on posters, but there is something to it when it comes to overcoming your fear of heights as exposure to the fear assists to desensitize yourself to the trigger. A great way of using exposure to conquer your fear of heights is to slowly expose yourself to taller heights. Start slowly by visiting an indoor ropes course where you are safe and harnessed in. The first floor of our indoor ropes course is low to the ground. As you build up the confidence you can work your way up to the middle level and finally to the top. This approach requires time, but ultimately, you will be able to feel accomplished because you did something that you never thought you would have the ability to.

Rationalise Your Fear

When it comes to irrational fears, you’ll find that you’re often your own worst enemy. Your fears are rooted in the idea that you are going to fall and get hurt but that is not true at an indoor ropes course. At Climb Vegas you are safely secured, harnessed in, and surrounded by an experienced team of climbers. Outside of our ropes course, irrational fear of heights can be easier to handle than you think. Make a conscious effort to think about scenarios that trigger your fear of heights and rationalize them. Tell to yourself that there is no reason to be scared of heights and that you are exceptionally safe.

Prepare Yourself

When it comes to overcoming your fear of heights, preparation is key. Plan ahead to be in a situation that triggers your fear response. Then, just imagine how you feel in the situation and think of how you are going to help yourself unwind. This is particularly beneficial if you understand you are going to be in a fear-evoking scenario like our Las Vegas indoor ropes course. When you anticipate the situation, it lowers the possibility of feeling panicky and flustered when the time to climb our course happens!

Practice Relaxation Techniques

Fast heartbeat, short breaths, excessive sweating-- these are all common signs connected with a fear of heights, and experiencing these symptoms can make things worse. Relaxation techniques can help to reduce these signs and get them under control. Deep breathing workouts are one of the easiest techniques to practice and can actually help to make you feel more relaxed. Visit Climb Vegas today!

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