May 1, 2021

The Best Team Building Activities in Las Vegas

Are you looking for fun, out of the box team building activities in Las Vegas for your organization? Team building activities are a great way to build trust, solidify camaraderie, and develop problem solving skills between peers. The great thing about team building activities is that they can be fun and enjoyable while serving a purpose that advances the goals of your organization. Join Climb Vegas as we give you a few great team building activities in Las Vegas that you should definitely try!

1. Climb Vegas Indoor Adventure Course

You know that climb Vegas indoor adventure course is always going to be number one when it comes to team building activities because we check all of the boxes. Our adventure course is:

  • Challenging and creates situations where your team can encourage each other to make their way across any one of our 17 ropes course elements! At Climb Vegas, your group will be enjoying themselves and forgetting about the stressful situations that they may face at work.
  • Fun! Climb Vegas is an adventure course, after all!
  • Affordable! You can bring the whole group down to Climb Vegas to experience 17 course elements over 3 towering levels for a low price. You can also purchase tickets ahead of time online for a discounted price.

Climb Vegas is the best team building activity in Las Vegas hands-down, visit today.

2. An Escape Room

If you’re too afraid of heights, you can always attempt to take on an escape room where you and your group work together to solve puzzles, find clues, and to work your way through a series of challenges. Las Vegas also has a couple of novelty escape rooms that you can only find in Las Vegas such that simulate the morning after a wild night in Vegas where you must now track down a lost wedding ring, and so on. These are great for teams that need to work to cooperate.

3. Dig This Las Vegas

Have you ever wanted to play around with a large backhoe tractor? These aren’t your grandpa’s tonka toys. There’s a company in Las Vegas that rents out tractors for company events where (under supervision) you team can excavate ground and learn how to use a backhoe tractor. Now that’s what we call fun! This is a great team building activity and an even better way to blow off steam with your organization’s members.

4. Dune Buggy Boss Chasing

Finally, out in the Las Vegas desert, there’s a place where you can rent dune buggies for your organization and participate in what is called a boss chase. A boss chase is a dune-buggy game of tag where your team has to catch your boss the quickest. They keep track of time and even have a leaderboard for the fastest time! It’s a dune buggy race the whole team will enjoy.

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