December 10, 2020

The Best Las Vegas Activities for Locals and Tourists

“Las Vegas is cool, but there’s nothing to do,” said no one, ever. Las Vegas is an incredible place to be whether you’re a local or just stopping by for the weekend. There’s so much to do, you just need to know where to look. When you’re in Las Vegas and you’re looking for the best Las Vegas activities, you have a lot of options from visiting the Las Vegas Strip all the way to getting away to the calm, quiet, nature that surrounds Las Vegas. Here are Climb Vegas’ top picks for the best Las Vegas activities for locals and tourists.

4. The Neon Museum

If you’re a fan of the “old Vegas” then you need to pay a visit to the Neon Museum in Downtown Las Vegas. This neon graveyard is home to some of the most iconic signage that has ever called Las Vegas home. From the iconic Hard Rock guitar to the original Sahara sign— this museum is a must-see for locals and tourists alike.

3. Visit Red Rock Canyon

When you don’t feel like exploring the Las Vegas Strip, there’s one of the most stunning places in the Southwest along the outskirts of the city. Red Rock Canyon is a national conservation area that has overlooks, hiking trails, and scenic drives that are unlike anything else in Las Vegas. Red Rock has a couple of great hikes and trails that don’t take long, it’s the perfect activity for anyone looking to get a nice workout in on a weekend morning!

2. The Mob Museum

Located in Downtown Las Vegas, The National Museum of Organized Crime & Law Enforcement is more than just a nod to the old mobsters that used to run Vegas, is an incredible collection of Las Vegas and American organized crime history. The Mob Museum even features a secret speak easy in the basement of the museum. The Mob Museum is a great place to hit up by yourself, with a date, or with the whole family.

1. Climb Vegas - Indoor Ropes Course Las Vegas

When you’re in Las Vegas, sometimes you have to choose between family-friendly activities and activities that are close to your hotel room on the strip. Climb Vegas indoor ropes course brings the best of both worlds together and gives you a family-friendly activity that’s located on the Las Vegas strip! Climb Vegas offers 3 towering levels of ropes course obstacles, balance beams, and so much more! Visit Climb Vegas today!!

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