July 1, 2021

So You Mastered the Indoor Ropes Course - What's Next?

You've conquered the indoor ropes course, but what's next? Las Vegas has so much more for you to see! There are indoor rock climbing gyms, outdoor hiking trails, and other adventures waiting at every turn. If you're looking for an adventure that will really take your breath away--and make you feel like a true adventurer--check out these activities on your next trip to Sin City!

Indoor rock climbing gyms

When you're done with the indoor ropes course, you should try your luck with indoor rock climbing. The indoor rock climbing gyms in Las Vegas are all quite different. They have a variety of different difficulty levels to choose from, and they also offer courses that are designed specifically for beginners.

It's important to know what level of indoor rock climbing you'll be most comfortable with before visiting an indoor rock climbing gym in Las Vegas or elsewhere. Some people might want to start off easy so they don't get discouraged - others just go right into the hardest climbs because it's exciting!

Take a helicopter tour of the Grand Canyon or Hoover Dam

If you want some more adventure and to see the beautiful landscape that Las Vegas has to offer, a helicopter tour is for you. Helicopter tours typically last around 45 minutes and are perfect if you're short on time or don't like crowds. The Grand Canyon and Hoover Dam are two popular destinations for helicopter tours.

The prices for a helicopter tour range from $190-$265 per person. However, you should keep in mind that there is no indoor ropes course as part of this experience so make sure to dress appropriately on your hot day adventure! When booking a reservation for a helicopter tour be aware that it's best booked one month or more ahead since they book up fast sometimes.

Try Indoor Skydiving

If the indoor ropes course wasn't enough of a thrill, try indoor skydiving and experience the feeling of flying like an eagle. Indoor skydiving is as close to being in freefall without actually jumping out of a plane.

Ziplining is another awesome adventure waiting for you

Ziplining is an exhilarating experience that has you flying through the air at speeds reaching up to 55 miles per hour. If indoor skydiving wasn't enough, try ziplining and feel like a bird soaring through trees on its way back from hunting prey.

Vegas is full of adventures!

Vegas has always been a destination for thrill-seekers, but now it's also becoming an escape for families. Vegas is full of adventure and excitement that will keep you on your toes all day long. If you're looking to get away from the monotony of everyday life without leaving home, our city has just what you need!

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