November 1, 2021

Red Rock Climbing in Las Vegas

As lovers of climbing, Climb Vegas wants to tell you about a special gem in Las Vegas called Red Rock! Red Rock is a beautiful experience right outside of Las Vegas that many visitors and natural lovers visit to experience the awesome sights that Las Vegas has to offer! Taking a day trip to Red Rock is the perfect balance of adventure and relaxation.  It is home to scenic views, natural wildlife, and varied plant life that all blend together in one outdoor playground.

It's easy to see why this area was named as 'one of the best wintertime recreation spots'!  You can choose from 39 developed trails for walking and biking, 26 vehicle-accessible campgrounds, or backcountry camping opportunities for those who like more isolation.  The main road through Red Rock provides access to many sightseeing locations such as Calico Basin, Sandstone Quarry Overlook, and White Rock Overlook.  Don't forget to stop by the visitor center for information about an array of exciting tours!

Red Rock Routes and Paths

Red Rock climbing is a favorite amongst local climbers in Las Vegas.  The famous Brute Force Traverse is one of the most popular climbs there. Many people have successfully climbed the route but it is not something to attempt unless you are confident in your abilities or with an experienced climber who can guide you through it.  This climb consists of 30 pitches which are each marked with a painted number on rocks above them so that visitors can easily identify their location while summiting.

There are over 20 different paths that lead to summits throughout Red Rock Canyon, making this area perfect for beginners looking to explore new heights!  Experienced climbers will love the challenges of conquering routes on some of the unique rock formations found throughout this diverse area.

The views on top of these summits are truly spectacular!  There you can find mountains, desert land, and even snow on some winter days!

Red Rock Climbing Las Vegas Campgrounds

Red Rock has many campgrounds that offer camping for tents or RVs at any time of year. It is important to note that during the summer months temperatures may reach over 100 degrees Fahrenheit so knowledge of how to survive in hot weather is recommended.  Spring and fall are the best times if you want to avoid extreme heat but still experience beautiful mountain scenery. If you do visit during the summer months, plan to arrive early in the day while it is still cool.  Many visitors expect traffic on roads during this time so allow extra time for your commute.

Seasons are the biggest factor when deciding where to stay overnight in Red Rock. The northern side of Red Rock tends to be significantly cooler than its southern counterpart due to the elevation of the terrain.  This means that summer months tend to be hotter in Las Vegas and Red Rock's south side whereas winter can see some very interesting weather patterns on north Red Rock!

There are also different camping spots depending on how much you want to get out into nature.  If you're looking for more seclusion then backcountry camping is perfect for you! With almost 60 miles of trails, you will find many opportunities to explore.  Visitors can also camp at designated campsites or in small groups along backcountry trails.

If you are interested in seeing more of Red Rock by day, there are vehicle-accessible campgrounds throughout the park to choose from. There are amenities including picnic tables, grills, fire pits, toilets, and parking areas available for each site. This is perfect to combine with hiking or biking through the area!

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