November 1, 2020

Mastering an Indoor Adventure Course

Mastering an indoor adventure course like Climb Vegas is easy! Like any obstacle course, an indoor ropes course is designed to be welcoming to guests of all ages, but the level of mastery comes from within yourself and depends greatly on how mentally prepared you are to challenge yourself. Mastering an indoor adventure course can be an excellent way to prove to yourself that you can tackle any challenge, especially those that force you to confront common phobias like a fear of heights! Join us as we give you insider tips that will help you dominate any indoor ropes course.

Come Prepared

An indoor ropes course can be a lot of fun whether you plan on visiting ahead of time with a group of friends or even if you are just walking down the Las Vegas Strip and decide to pop in and see what all the hype is about. When you visit Climb Vegas indoor ropes course or any adventure course, you want to be sure that you come prepared. Wearing the right clothes and footwear can help you be more confident and in control of your balance. We recommend wearing something comfortable that you can move around in with closed-toed shoes. Avoid wearing open-toed shoes or sandals that will fall off of your feet.

Give Yourself Time To Watch and Learn

If you’re nervous about trying an indoor adventure course like Climb Vegas because of the fear of heights or because you are unsure of how to approach an obstacle, give yourself some time to observe. Watching how other adventurers tackle an obstacle can give you a better idea of how where and how to place your hands and feet while you cross the obstacle course. At Climb Vegas, most of our obstacles are pretty straight forward and you don’t need to find innovative ways to do it - like you would with a rock-climbing wall. We keep things simple yet fun!

Start off Small

When you visit an indoor adventure course, there will be more than a few times where 3 different obstacles will connect leaving you with a proverbial fork in the road. Often times one obstacle will be more challenging than your other option. We recommend that if you are new to indoor ropes courses, you choose the easier of the two obstacles. As you gain confidence on the ropes course and you want to challenge yourself, you can always work your way up in difficulty. You know yourself best and it is really up to you to decide which obstacles to take on you can always start small and go from there.

Ask the Attendant Plenty of Questions

At Climb Vegas, we have an experienced staff that can give you tips on how to approach the ropes course and obstacles. If you need some advice on how to approach the obstacle course or you just want some encouragement be sure to ask them!

Have Fun

Most importantly, when you visit an indoor ropes course, be sure to have fun! An indoor adventure course is perfectly safe and letting yourself enjoy the adventure!

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