October 15, 2020

Indoor Ropes Course 101: What To Know Before Heading To Climb Vegas

There are a lot of great reasons to visit an indoor ropes course like Climb Vegas. For one, it’s just a really fun place to visit with your family and friends where you can put your balance to the test as you navigate through our seventeen ropes course elements. You don’t have to be an expert tight-rope walker or an acrobat to enjoy everything that Climb Vegas has to offer. We’re open to climbers of all ages and levels of experience all of the incredible benefits and we’re here to help you make the most of your experience.

Before You Visit Climb Vegas Indoor Ropes Course

Before you ever set foot in an indoor ropes course, there are a few things that you want to be sure that you’ve checked off of your to do list! Here are a few of things that we recommend that you do before visiting Climb Vegas Aerial Adventure.

1. Wear the Right Clothes for Climbing

First things first, be sure to wear the right clothes and the right footwear for climbing. Climb Vegas is a ropes obstacle course that towers up three levels high and includes seventeen different rope elements. So we highly recommend wearing something comfortable and athletic that you will feel ok moving around in.

2. Remember To Fill Out a Waiver

Although our indoor ropes course is perfectly safe, we still need to cover our basis as a business so that we can continue to serve our customers. Before you can participate at Climb Vegas, we have you fill out a waiver, which is standard at any ropes course. If you want to submit a waiver before you arrive, you can find our online on our website. Filling this out before you arrive will make the check in process faster when you arrive.

3. Don’t Stress About Heights

Are you afraid of heights? Does the idea of walking across a balance beam make you feel uneasy? Then you’re not alone! A lot of visitors who go to ropes courses visit because they want a fun and safe place to work on overcoming the fear of heights! At Climb Vegas you are safely harnessed and under the supervision of our trained staff who is there to help you! You have nothing to worry about.

What Makes Climb Vegas the Best Indoor Ropes Course

Climb Vegas is the best indoor ropes course in Las Vegas. With three vertical levels of challenging ropes and balance elements, we are also the tallest indoor ropes course in town! Between our expert staff who have been trained and certified to help you and the seventeen (yes, 17!) different ropes challenges, we are an indoor climbing adventure that will keep you coming back!

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