April 15, 2021

How To Stay Cool With Indoor Las Vegas Activities

Las Vegas is HOT. There’s no two ways about it. We may be a beautiful oasis in the middle of desert but the tradeoff is that you have to deal with triple-digit temperatures for a good portion of the year. That’s why it’s so important to find indoor Las Vegas activities where you can still have fun while staying cool. Climb Vegas indoor ropes course is one of many places in Las Vegas where you can have a fun time whether you're on your own, with friends, with the family, and even on a date! You’ll appreciate the indoor air conditioning so much you’ll wonder why you never visited Climb Vegas sooner!

Visit an Indoor Recreational Activity Like Climb Vegas

So as mentioned, finding an indoor recreational activity can be a lifesaver during the hot summer months in Southern Nevada. Finding an indoor trampoline gym or adventure course can be a great alternative to visiting a community park or recreation area where you’ll be under the blazing sun. At Climb Vegas, you can get your p

Stay Hydrated, Even Indoors!

Whenever you are running around and doing physical activities, whether they are indoors or not, it’s important to stay hydrated. It’s really easy to become dehydrated, especially when you are getting your heart rate up during a recreational activity.

Save Your Outdoor Activities for the Evening

If you do plan on spending a prolonged period of time outdoors during the Summer in Las Vegas, you may want to consider planning them for later in the day when the sun starts to set and it’s not so hot outside. That will keep the risk of sunburns low as well as making your Las Vegas activities more enjoyable.

Visit One of Las Vegas’ Many Museums

If you’re not into the whole side of Vegas that is built on partying, gambling, or staying out too late, you’re in luck. There is plenty to do in Las Vegas that is more relaxed and enjoyable. For one, we have plenty of museums in Las Vegas that are incredibly interesting and make for great indoor activities. A few of our favorite museums in Las Vegas include the Mob Museum , the PinBall Hall of Fame, and even the world famous Haunted Museum.

Climb Vegas Indoor Ropes Course

Climb Vegas is an indoor recreational activity that the whole family can enjoy a day of physical activity without the discomfort and unpleasant fatigue that comes with being outdoors in Las Vegas during the summer. Our high ropes course is made up of 17 different elements that scale over 3 towering levels to make us one of the tallest ropes courses in Southern Nevada! Come in and join us to experience rocking stirrup bridges, balance beams, rolling logs, and other balance-challenging obstacles. We’ll see you soon!

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