July 15, 2021

Best Shoes to Wear at an Indoor Ropes Course

If you're planning to visit a ropes course, it's important to wear the correct shoes to help you stay safe and maneuver easily. While wearing old sneakers may seem like an obvious choice, it could actually be dangerous for your feet on a ropes course. The wrong shoes can actually lead to ankle injuries or lost footing. Here's what you need to stay safe.

Have Shoes with the Right Grip

The main concern is how well a shoe grips when you are climbing up the beams or walking across hanging bridges. Slipping can lead to falls which will slow down your progress through the course, not to mention cause unnecessary pain and injury along the way.

Some of these indoor courses feature sections where participants have to walk over wobbly planks suspended high in the air by cables - these will get your skills honed if you train on an indoor course. In fact, these sections of the course will make your grip and balance that much better.

Look for Shoes with Shock Absorption

Some people may find it easier or more comfortable to wear old sneakers to the ropes course. While this is fine for walking across solid ground, you can be hard on your feet when climbing up heavy ropes or hanging planks. It's important to wear proper footwear - something like shoes that have shock absorption features built right in.

Make Sure They Fit Properly

Make sure that your shoes fit you perfectly. You'll want to avoid having too much play in the shoe, or else it could easily slip off your feet while climbing or walking over planks high up in the air.

This will also help to prevent ankle injuries as your feet are less likely to slip off the rope if there is too much slack. While using a properly fitting pair of shoes, you'll also be able to feel the rope better with your feet as they will stick to it better. This can help you keep from losing balance and slipping while climbing up or down a rope course.

Make Sure They Are Comfortable

You'll want to make sure you are comfortable in the shoes before buying. You will be wearing these shoes while climbing and walking all over a ropes course, so it's important that they feel good on your feet. You'll be on the course for around an hour and the last thing you want is for your feet to be sore!

Look for Shoes with Rubber Soles

You'll also want to make sure that your shoes have rubber soles. This helps your grip immensely as most of the time you will be climbing up or down a rope - which is difficult enough without slippery sneakers.

Have Shoes that Are Designed for Outdoors

Lastly, consider buying a pair of shoes that's meant for outdoor pursuits such as hiking, caving, bouldering, backpacking, etc. These shoes tend to have the right grip and shock absorption features built into them so you don't have to bother yourself customizing your own pair of sneakers or hunting down special equipment just for the ropes course.

Above all, make sure you have fun at Climb Vegas!

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