November 15, 2021

Best Climbing Places in Las Vegas

Best Places to Go Climbing in Las Vegas

Las Vegas is world-renowned for its entertainment, casinos, and bright lights. When people come to visit they often leave with some sore muscles from all the walking on the Strip or playing in one of the many casinos. You may be surprised to find that the city has a very healthy climbing scene, even though it's surrounded by wonderful desert scenery. Here are some of the great places in Las Vegas to go rock climbing:

1. Red Rock Canyon

Located about 20 minutes west of McCarran Airport, Red Rock Canyon provides both beginner crags and difficult routes close to town. The area itself is stunning so you will also get a bit of sightseeing done while you climb here. There are over 500 documented climbs at this location that range in difficulty level. The Red Rock Canyon climbing season is typically between February and November but can vary greatly depending on the weather conditions (especially wind).

2. Mount Charleston

A drive up into the mountains will take you to wonderful climbs at Mount Charleston. This area is one of the most popular climbing destinations within an hour's drive of Las Vegas because it provides both sport and trad routes that are much cooler than those available in town. Although the majority of crags require a hike to access, there are over 200 routes scattered around this beautiful mountain peak. Another plus is that during periods of extreme heat you climb here every day because it provides a higher elevation and cooler weather. There is a small fee for a daily pass to the Mount Charleston area, but if you purchase an annual pass it includes access to Red Rock Canyon as well.

3. Ice Box Canyon

The short drive from town makes climbing Ice Box Canyon very popular on the weekends. The climbs here are relatively short in length, but they get great sun exposure so it heats up nicely during the day. Many of the routes have good holds and interesting features that will keep your eye entertained while burning off some of those Vegas calories! It's a great spot for beginners or anyone wanting a quick climb close to town after work or school.

4. Mount Potosi

Located about 30 minutes south of Las Vegas near Red Rock Canyon, Mount Potosi offers over 300 established routes on natural rock outcrops surrounded by beautiful desert scenery. During previous years this area tends to stay quite hot during summer months so not many people climb here between May and September unless they really need to escape the heat while visiting Las Vegas. There are some great routes here that can be easily accessed during cooler times of the year so plan accordingly when visiting this part of town.

5. Red Rock National Conservation Area

If you only have time to visit one outdoor climbing location in Las Vegas, make sure it's Red Rock Canyon. This world-renowned climbing area is definitely worth the 30-minute drive south from downtown and provides some amazing views while hiking toward many of its 300+ established climbs in the area. Although there are sports climbs available for climbers at nearly every level, most come to check out the beautiful crack lines that twist up through massive red rock formations. Over the past few years, there has been an increased interest in multi-pitch traditional climbing because many of the routes are over 200 feet high. This area can get very crowded on weekends, but there is still plenty of space for everyone to climb here during the week if you want fewer people around.

6. Climb Vegas

The only indoor gym in town, the Climb Vegas Indoor Ropes Course is a great way to escape the summer heat and winter cold while improving your skills. Since it is indoors, you can climb here year-round and there are obstacles available at all difficulty levels.

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