May 15, 2021

Benefits of Developing Balance for Kids

Did you know that balance is one of the most important skills that a developing child needs to develop. Balance is a skill that translates into many different aspects of growth and development- both physical and mental. We work on balancing every day of our lives, but when children are young and growing, it’s important to work on developing balance for kids so that as they age, they are more likely to be in control of their body. This will not only help them avoid clumsy accidents, but it can also help with cognitive development! Here are the benefits of developing balance for kids.

Developing Balance

Developing balance is an important skill to practice, not only as kids, but as we age! Developing balance is something that takes time and practice, but as you get better with balance, you become more comfortable with your feet. At Climb Vegas, you’re always working on developing your balance! Think about the first time you tried to cross one of our obstacles! You probably wobbled the element while your legs shook! That’s because you lacked the balance and confidence to cross! There are two types of balance: static and dynamic.

Static Balance

Static balance is the ability to balance while standing still. An example of static balance would be when you stand in place with one leg off the ground and you can stand perfectly still without wobbling. This kind of balance is hard to do because you do not have any motion or inertia to keep you balanced. All of your balance must come from your core.

Dynamic Balance

Dynamic balance on the other hand is the ability to balance when you are in motion. This kind of balance that you are likely to practice and develop at Climb Vegas. With dynamic balance, you are trying to cross obstacles such as balance beams, lily pads, and roses bridges.

Developing Fundamental Coordination

Both static and dynamic balance are important to develop for the purpose of developing fundamental coordination at a young age. This applies to children, tweens, and teenagers alike! In fact, it’s also important for adults to practice these balance and coordination skills too. Balance can help prevent many injuries that come in handy for people of all ages.

Climb Vegas Indoor Ropes Course

Climb Vegas is Las Vegas’ best adventure attraction for the whole family! As long as your child is 48-inches and taller, they can come and experience the incredibly fun challenges that our indoor ropes course has to offer! With over 17 different obstacle elements across 3 towering levels, Climb Vegas is the perfect place to work on developing balance, coordination, and conquering your fear of heights! But you’d be surprised, sometimes kids are braver than adults on any given day of the week! Stop by Climb Vegas today to experience the benefits of developing balance for kids first hand. View pricing now!

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