August 15, 2020

Benefits of a Kids Ropes Course

When children are young and they first start to learn, they also start to climb. Climbing is a natural thing that children do and as they get older they will continue to climb higher and higher. At the same time that kids are learning to walk, run, and climb they are also developing a ton of other skills. The skills that they learn at a young age come into play more and more as they get older. At Climb Vegas, you can help your children develop and learn skills while they climb. They’ll have so much fun climbing they won’t even notice that they are developing these skills. Here are 5 benefits of a kid's ropes course. 

Team Building Boosts Self Confidence

When a group of young kids comes together at ropes course either for a field trip or a team-building activity outside of their usual sports team or hobby, they can learn a lot of valuable lessons that apply to back to their original hobby. 

For example, when a soccer team comes to Climb Vegas in the middle of their season for a team building activity, they learn invaluable lessons about teamwork, communication, and self-confidence during an activity that they see as purely fun. 

Strength and Balance

In addition to the mental and team-oriented benefits that a ropes course offers kids, it is also a great way for them to strengthen their muscles and improve their balance through a series of ropes course elements. 

Because a ropes course made of a bunch of different elements (“obstacles” if you will) that develop a different set of muscles and neuropathways that your child will use to develop better concentration and hand-eye coordination. At Climb Vegas, our ropes course offers kids and adults alike the opportunity to develop strength and balance in a controlled and safe environment. 

Sensory Input

One of the most important befits of an indoor ropes course is that kids will learn how to respond to different types of sensory inputs which helps develop motor skills and coordination. Sensory inputs will vary depending on the course element that will work vertically, side to side, or rotary. Exposure to these sensory inputs will help your child learn how to adapt to them which will improve overall physical development. 

Improve Sequencing and Memory Skills

Finally, an indoor ropes course can help kids improve their sequencing and memory skills. These skills play a role in understanding which ropes course elements come next and how they should be approached when going through the ropes course. These skills are very helpful to learn and understand every aspect of their life. 

So what are you waiting for? Come try an indoor ropes course for yourself! 

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