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Safety First! 

Attractions High Ropes Course Las Vegas - An elevated ropes course can be an intimidating activity, that’s why it is important to remember that safety always comes first. All children and adults will be safely secured with harnesses, slinglines, and sewn belay rope to make sure that you always have a fun and SAFE time at Climb Vegas.

At Climb Vegas, we feature 17 different rope challenges as part of our Las Vegas high ropes course! Climb Vegas is the perfect attraction for children, teens, adults, and company outings. This fun and exciting course will challenge your balance, help you build confidence, establish a team bond, and ultimately help you conquer your fear of heights. Do you have what it takes to climb Vegas?
Attractions Zigzag Plumber

Zigzag Plumber

Do you have the nerves to bob in and out of vertical ropes all while balancing on a tightrope? When you traverse through the Rope Nets and Ladders at Climb Vegas, you will master the ability to balance on swaying ropes while using your hands and feet as you navigate the wobbling rope challenges. The Verticle ropes offer you an opportunity to hang on while making your way forward while posing as obstacles at the same time.

Attractions Rope & Plumber Suspension Bridges

Rope & Plumber Suspension Bridges

This isn’t your elementary school’s playground balance beams. Suspended in the air, steel footlines add a level of difficulty to our ropes course that you would not expect! Mastering the steel footlines at Climb Vegas requires you to be sure of your next step while being committed to forward progress! A deceptively difficult feat for those all too comfortable with balance beams, lily pads, and x-factor balance beams!

Attractions Sky Rail

Sky Rail

Every adventure movie is just better when there’s a rickety rope bridge that the adventurers need to cross! That’s no different at Climb Vegas! To be a master of the rope and plumber footlines here, one must first master the static obstacle elements presented in the steel footlines. Rope and plumber footlines wibble and wobble beneath your feet with each step that you take! A true test of your nerve. Do you have what it takes?
Attractions Weave Walk

Weave Walk

Build confidence and conquer your fear of heights when you take on the various suspension bridges at Climb Vegas. Each bridge offers a unique and challenging take on the swaying footlines by introducing a level of difficulty by making you coordinate your hands and feet to ensure that you always keep your balance. Make your way across stirrups with handlines, a suspended tremor bridge, and swinging steps to the end!
Attractions Roilling Pin

Rolling Pin

Imagine crossing the short stirrups of a large rope bridge that sways and swings in the wind while suspended in the air. The truss bridge at Climb Vegas is one of the most popular rope course elements because of it’s timeless design. Mastering the truss bridges requires you to hang on to the handrails while swaying platforms and stirrups swing beneath your feet. A classic and fun ropes course element for all ages.

Attractions Kelp Walk

Kelp Walk 

Do you dare walk the plank? At Climb Vegas, the plank walks extends over the edge of the ropes course, requiring you to face your fear of heights as you work your way to the end of a plank that overlooks the Harmon Retail Center. Walking the Plank is a true test of your nerve as you step out on to the ledge, look out and down, before turning back and returning to the ropes course. Do you have what it takes to take on the plank?

Attraction Rules

  • Must be able to understand and demonstrate knowledge of all safety rules and the course environment to experience the attraction without a responsible chaperone.
  • participating while under the influence of drugs or alcohol is prohibited.
  • cell phones are NOT allowed on the attraction.
  • The maximum weight is 300lbs (136kg).
  • Must be 48” (122cm) tall to participate without a chaperone.
  • Must safely fit in the harness.
  • Ensure that shoes are secure. No bare feet, flip-flops, or open heel shoes. Make sure shoelaces are tied.
  • Pockets must be empty. No loose objects such as cell phones or cameras. Eyeglasses should be secure. Operators are not responsible for lost or misplaced personal items.
  • no gum, no food or drinks allowed on attraction.
  • Follow all operator instructions and posted rules signs or stickers.
  • Only 1 participant on an activity at a time except if a child is being assisted by a responsible chaperone.
  • No Running, jumping, hanging in harness, or horseplay. Operators reserve the right to expel participants displaying these behaviors.
  • The redundant sling line should stay in front of and behind shoulders at all times.
  • Do not touch the overhead tracking system or tamper with a harness or redundant slingline.

Attractions High Ropes Course Las Vegas - This attraction is not recommended for guests with the following conditions or any history of physical conditions that may be aggravated by these attractions:

  • Pregnancy
  • Neck Problems
  • Back Problems 
  • Heart Problems
  • Recent Surgery
  • Fresh Stitches
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