About Climb Vegas

Climb Vegas About

For many first time rope-course adventurers, having a fun and safe experience at Climb Vegas is a must! From learning about our seventeen different course elements to understanding the appropriate attire and etiquette required in order to have a fun and safe experience with us, we’re here to help you get ready for your big day at the best indoor ropes course in Las Vegas! 

What to Expect 

As we’ve mentioned, there are seventeen high ropes course elements on our indoor ropes course. As you progress through the course you will climb up to the next level until you’ve fully mastered all three levels! With each level comes more height and will require more courage and confidence! But don’t worry, we know that you can handle it! Here are a few safety tips to remember when visiting Climb Vegas. 

Safety First! 

  1. We do have a minimum height requirement! You must be at least 42” tall and be accompanied by an adult to climb and at least 48” tall to climb unaccompanied! 
  2. Swaying ropes and wobbling legs can make for the perfect conditions for losing your flip-flops! For your safety, always wear close-toed shoes! Sneakers and Tennis shoes are best!


Inside The Amazing Obstacles At Climb Vegas

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