February 1, 2021

10 Ropes Course Elements for the Adventurer in You

If you’ve never visited Climb Vegas indoor ropes course, then you’re missing out on some of the best indoor ropes course elements in Las Vegas! When you visit our ropes course, you will be able to challenge yourself across 10 ropes course elements that get increasingly more exciting! The adventurer in you is going to love these.

1. Single Beam with Single Handrail

Climb Vegas ropes course begins with an easy element that gives you an opportunity to walk a single balance beam with a handrail.

2. X-Factor Beam

Pick a path and go for it! The X-Factor Beam is made of two balance beams that intersect halfway through the element giving you a few different ways to approach this exciting element.

3. Rolling Log

Are you a pro when it comes to keeping your balance? The rolling log will put that to the test! The rolling long spins and rotates as you move along! Luckily you’ll have the Spaghetti Handles to hang on to. Once you’re off the rolling log you will have a choice! Go left across the stirrup rope beam or move to the right and take on the Easy Spaghetti Handle!

4. Stirrup Rope Beam

The Stirrup Rope Beam is a stirrup bridge that will rock and move as you move across! It will surely get your legs shaking!

5. Easy Spaghetti Handle

The Spaghetti Handle is a double-balance beam with spaghetti handles that will help you make it back across the first level of the ropes course where you can head up to Level 2.

6. Turbo Stirrups with Hand Lines

Are you a fan of ropes bridges? The Turbo Stirrups will shake and move as you cross this bridge! You’ll have hand lines to hang on to and stirrups to step on, but don’t be fooled, this is no walk in the park!

7. Weave Walk

The weave walk is a fun spin that will have you twisting and weaving as you move across the ropes course element! Will you attempt to go straight through the center of the course or will you attempt to go around the weaving poles?

8. Half Net Rope Walk

Tired of walking across Climb Vegas? How about pulling yourself through the rope walk! You’ll find yourself hanging from your harness as you pull yourself from rope to rope until you land on the platform at the end!

9. Swinging Steps

Give your arms a rest from the Half Net Rope Walk and make your way across three separate balance beams that swing from left to right as you walk!

10. Three Line Lily Pad Rope Bridge

An indoor ropes course is something of a “choose your own path” adventure course. If you don’t want to go through the Swinging Steps, you can make your way diagonally across the lily pad rope bridge! A series of staggered foot pads for you to walk across.

Ready to start climbing? Check out these tips for new rope course climbers!

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